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    Join forces with the strong, the choice of this braiding machine

    As a standard-setting enterprise in the Chinese hose braiding industry, Benfair Technology has always maintained a high standard and strict requirements on its own and has continued to maintain its aggressiveness.

    The company actively participates in various activities of local chambers of commerce, actively participates in local manufacturing-related joint research and development, social welfare, etc., and supports each other with local friends and businessmen. Xinchang is located in the eastern part of Zhedong and has a well-developed manufacturing industry. There are many excellent manufacturing companies in the area and Benfax actively cooperates with them for common development.

    In the aspect of supply chain integration, Benfair Technology will provide a comprehensive view of the country and cooperate with excellent suppliers from all aspects of the country to ensure that the weaving machine products obtained by customers are perfect. Among them, there are many companies such as Siemens that have cooperated with Benfair Technology, and Benfair insists on adopting Siemens’ computer control system for a long time to ensure the stable and good performance of this braiding machine in the work operation.

    Technically, this technology is also tirelessly conquering various technical problems. From the original wire stainless steel wire weaving machine to the current various types of carbon fiber composite materials and other kinds of complex material knitting machines, and to the current special tubular knitting machines still being researched and developed, Benfair never gave up on the pursuit of dreams. Strive to become China’s first brand of high-speed weaving machines. At the same time, in order to better enhance the company’s technical standards, Benfair Technology also cooperates with Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and many other institutions of higher learning to develop new types of braiding machine technology. Many colleges and universities also use this technology as one of their master’s practice bases. Each year, they send a group of technical backbone talents to Benfa Technology, enabling Benfa Technology to get fresh blood every year.

    It is with the cooperation of local, domestic and international outstanding companies and major universities that enables this technology to go through so many years. This braiding machine can win a good reputation at home and abroad with excellent products. .

    Post time: May-07-2018
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